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Serving Process – with a side of irony

By March 17, 2019 No Comments

ELN Investigations has recently added process serving as part of What We Do. It wasn’t something we went into this business to do, but it is a service our clients often need and one we can effectively deliver, especially when the target is hard to find. Generally, it’s not exciting work, or frankly all that interesting.

But it can provide some humorous irony.

We were recently looking for a defendant in a consumer-claim lawsuit that had proven difficult for another process server to find. She left her apartment and her job within the last two months and there were no real leads. I backtracked her through another case she had been involved in, obtained and reviewed a deposition transcript, and discovered that prior to her current job (which she had just started) she was a mobile notary. You call her, you meet, she notarizes your document for a fee.

Sure enough, she was doing notary work on the side. We found her listing on a mobile notary website and called to ask her to notarize a court document. She agreed and we arranged to meet the next morning.

We showed up. She showed up. She asked what document we needed notarized. We handed her the lawsuit documents, explained that we were serving her with a lawsuit, and asked her to notarize the service return showing that she had just been served.

She refused… colorfully.

Big case. Little case. Easy to find. Hard to find. Individual or company. How can we help you?



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