What Our Clients Say

At ELN Investigations, we respect the diversity of our clients. Whether blue-collar, white-collar, liberal, conservative, independent, or libertarian; LGBTQIA+ or not, we are committed to providing the highest level of service, with discretion and without judgment.

“Everett and his team are first-class. He's extremely responsive (even on weekends and nights), knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. His investigations are unlike any I have seen in 14 years in this business. Cannot recommend him enough.”

Caleb M.

“Trusting and professional services! Very prompt to provide services and guidance in unfamiliar territory. Fair and honest pricing with genuine care and concern for their clients.”

Michelle C.

“My family hired ELN Investigations to find two family members who had been separated from their siblings for many years. With just a small amount of information, Everett and his team were able to find these people in different states and put them in contact with our family. The whole experience was done very professionally and discretely. I highly recommend ELN Investigations if you need to locate someone but feel like you don’t have enough information to go on, they can take even the smallest bit of information and use it to find the person.”

Stephanie H.

“If you need a private investigator, Everett New is your guy. I have used him personally, and he and his team are fantastic! They were persistent and creative and found the person we were looking for when we thought it was not possible. Our search was in another state, and we had very little information, but they were still successful. I am convinced the double combination of Everett’s previous experience as a police officer and lawyer give him an extra edge that is unbeatable. Thanks, ELN!”

Jennifer M.

“ELN Investigations is a class organization. Their work is professional, thorough and reasonably priced. My family has been highly satisfied with ELN Investigation’s efforts. Their levels of knowledge in the areas of technology, legal and security are top notch. It was a pleasure to work with Everett and his team and I would recommend ELN Investigations to anyone who wants a company they can trust to do quality work.”

Richard C.