Who We Are

Licensed attorney, former police officer, retired naval officer, and hard-working every-man. We are capable, determined, adaptive, and street smart. We have the ethics, experience, and know-how to get you the answers you need in the most professional and cost-effective way.

Meet The Team

ELN Investigations Team Everett New

Everett New

I am a licensed private investigator, attorney,`{`1`}` former police officer, and, as some would say, a Renaissance Man. I can take apart a computer and a 1965 Mustang and put them both back together again. After putting my business degree to use for a few years in the financial services industry, I spent five years on “the job” as a cop in Lubbock (a town that’s big enough to be interesting but small enough to only get shot at a few times). I am an expert marksman and make a mean carne guisada. I graduated summa cum laude from law school and joined a prominent Dallas law firm working in commercial litigation (think: Enron) and complex securities litigation. But something was missing. So I decided to go back to my investigative roots and became a licensed PI. As a private investigator, I bring to the table not only the technical know-how, but also compassion for my clients, many of whom come to me after finding themselves in difficult situations. My passions are my family and helping people solve their problems. And combat boots.

`{`1`}` As a licensed attorney, I’m required to make sure you know that my investigative services are not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship exists between me and my investigative clients. Work-product protections may apply to our investigative services for lawyers and law firms.


Matt began his investigative career as a journalist, documenting a high-profile homicide case from the early ‘80s. During his time interviewing witnesses, law enforcement, jurors, and attorneys in combination with studying thousands of pages of case files and court documents, Matt realized his affinity for investigative work. Within a short time he had his license and his experience began adding up: fraud investigations, missing persons, asset locating, surveillance (lots of surveillance!), worker’s compensation claims, disability insurance claims, and fidelity investigations. The interview skills he developed as a journalist transferred easily to the world of private investigations.
Eventually, Matt joined the ELN Investigations team where he continues to expand his skills and knowledge, serving as the teams expert in audio and video analysis, primary interviewer, and lead cold-case investigator.


ELN Investigations Team Roger Cartwright

Roger Cartwright

I joined my partners with a vision of establishing an elite private investigative agency that provides extraordinary customer service to its clients. I’ve spent the last 25+ years in the field and in the office of construction, towing, backflow-testing, and safety management companies. After finding myself in the unfortunate situation of needing a private investigator to confirm spousal infidelity, but lacking the means to hire one, I took it upon myself to do the job. The bad news was my suspicions were confirmed. The good news is I realized how good I was at surveillance. Since then, I’ve honed my talents and my passion for problem solving and ability to blend in anywhere make me an expert at all forms of surveillance, whether its for HR, Insurance, Workman’s Comp, or infidelity. If the “goods” are there, I know how to deliver them. In addition to being a partner in ELN Investigations, I am also the owner of Blufenix Fire Solutions, which provides backflow testing and fire inspection services. I enjoy hunting, horses, and spending time with my kids and my fiancé.

We can’t guarantee results, but we can guarantee we will give you the service you want and the personal attention your case deserves.